Selecting the Images

    19. Riding at the Door_Blood_1948_high res. request_2012.19In making my selection of de Grandmaison portraits for my exhibition, I used the same framework I employ for my powwow portraits where I am trying to find:

    People I would have like to meet and visit at their homes;

    People whose stories I would like to hear  

    People I would like to make a portrait of

    People I would have liked to have introduced to my elders and then sit back and listen to their conversations.

    I would have liked to have met de Grandmaison and asked him some questions, especially why he focused on making head shots, individuals and no families.

    I would have liked to have shown him some of my work.

    I would like to tell de Grandmaison that I saw a lineage in their faces of his sitters that took me back in time to the ancient Mississippian. And that the faces he recorded, along with the faces of the people I have included in my work, was what the Mississippians looked like.

    I would tell de Grandmaison about the things I learned from my elders how they empowered me to be an explorer and a traveler; to see with a critical eye and imaginative mind. And to always be true to who you are.